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  • Adult Daily Dose


    Nuts N Foods takes pride to say that, this Product is first of its kind in Indian Market, launched on…

  • Brain Booster Mix


    Training your kids or any individual for a sharper brain which functions optimally is not just about providing efficient brain…

  • Exotic – 7 Seeds Mix


    Exotic combination of 7 seeds filled with healthy fat (Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 ), Fibre, Proteins, Antioxidants,…

  • Exotica Nut Mix


    A mix of best 8 nuts which can be a exotic munch as and when you wish. These nuts can…

  • Expecting Moms – Dry fruit mix


    A journey of 9 months nurturing two lives needs a handful of dry fruit mix each day. Each of these…

  • Mid-Morning Munch


    Has your mid-morning hunger pangs made you binge on unhealthy junk which might have leaded to unhealthy snacking habit? Not…

  • Munch Me Mix


    Have you felt exhausted and loss of energy mid way when the whole day is at your disposal? This is…

  • Overall Dry Fruit Mix


    Few days could be on a lower energy side making one feel sluggish and dull. Why not try this Overall…

  • Seed- Berry Mix


    Some like it crunchy; few enjoy it sweet and tangy. A whole lot of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and healthy munch…

  • Trio Mix


    The most commonly opted and preferred combination is the trio of Almonds, Cashews and Cranberry. Cranberries are most delicious and…

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“People expect good services but very few are willing to give it”.
We consider us among those handful, who wish to give our customers more than what they expect.

Since its inception in the year 2016, Nuts N Foods has taken immense pride in offering a wide variety and range of Dry fruits, Nuts, Dates, Berries, Spices, Chocolates and other products to the customers.

The underlying philosophy of the brand was to deliver qualitative products at reasonable rates. The simple and powerful rule is our tag line which says “Freshness and Quality delivered”.

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