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Sesame – White


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Sesame seeds are one of the oldest oilseed crops cultivated around 4,000 years ago, that can be seen in various cultures. Sesame has one of the highest oil contents than any seeds with a rich, nutty flavor. For Indian, they are a symbol of immortality. It is a common ingredient in cuisines across the globe. Today, they’re used for cooking or as a condiment the most prominent users are India, Korea, China and Japan.

Sesame Seeds can be consumed raw or one can incorporate them in their daily diet through Sesame Protein bars or Sesame Oil. Sesame seeds contain antioxidant properties that may benefit your health. This unique mixture of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins. There are not one but many reasons you should include the best quality sesame seeds in your breakfast, lunch & dinner and few of them are mentioned below.


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