Black Raisins- Seedless

Black Raisins- Seedless



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Black raisins are the dried grapes which is best consumed for it great health benefits. Starting from lowering sugar levels to preventing hair loss, Black raisins work miracles on health. Since it is rich in iron, it helps in rise of hemoglobin content in blood, which helps in preventing diseases like Anaemia. It is naturally packed with calcium, and photo-chemicals which aids to good oral, tooth and bone health. It prevents tooth decay, bacteria and cavities. Its richness in Vitamin C helps in nourishing hair and preventing hair loss. It is most recommended for youthful skin and premature ageing.

  • Soak around 5-10 raisins overnight and consume empty stomach. Soaking increases the bio-availability of nutrients
  • Raisins can be added to oat meals, sweets, cakes, deserts and smoothies
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