Indian Raisins

Indian Raisins



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Popularly known as Nature’s Candy, Raisins are dried grapes. The sugar content and nutrients in raisins get concentrated when dried and hence turns out to be nutritious and calorie- dense. Raisins are rich in Iron, Vitamin, B-complex, Vitamin C, Fibre and Calcium. Hence recommended for bone health and treatment of diseases like Anaemia. The fibre content in them helps in bowel movements, prevents constipation and helps in detoxification. In turn this helps in maintaining good digestive health. Raisins help in glowing skin by repairing damaged skin, protecting from sun damages and prevents skin sagging. Raisins also are good for hair growth, liver, immunity and vision.

  • Best results when soaked and consumed overnight
  • Can be added to oat meals, cakes, desserts and smoothies.


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