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In Ancient days, Fig as a fresh fruit was dried in order to be preserved for longtime and to be used during off seasons. Dry fig comes with huge number of benefits. Figs are generally rich in fiber which promotes digestive health as it regulates bowel movements .Richness in calcium and phosphorus promotes bone health. Further it is also recommended for diabetics and glucose control, skin, hair and heart health. Ayurveda strongly recommends Figs for treating urinary stones and other urinary conditions. Strained Figs decoction consumed for a week can regulate the menstrual cycle.

  • Figs can be consumed in the morning in its natural form.
  • The ones who find it difficult to chew can consume it by soaking it for few hours.
  • Figs can be used with ice creams, smoothies, deserts or as puree. It can also be diced and tossed along with salads.<.li>


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