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The origin of the product:
“Cinnamon” came from “cassia” which simply meant “to strip off bark”. This famous spice originated from Sri Lanka and is native to Bangladesh, the Malabar Coast of India and Burma as well. This spice has been around the world since 2000BC. Records of Egyptians worshipping this spice have been discovered.
The wonder of the spice amazed various cultures of men including the Greek, Roman, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabian, Spain Portugal and many more, all around the Mediterranean too.
Today, Sri Lanka leads the cinnamon production by hosting 80-90% of the world’s primary quality cinnamon cultivation followed by Seychelles and Madagascar in the same department. A great deal of the secondary quality cinnamon is cultivated in Indonesia and China. Smaller producers are India and Vietnam.
This spice has a distinctly strong, spicy-yet-sweet flavour and a woody texture and a beautifully brownish red colour to it.

  • Primarily used as a flavouring agent in the culinary industry. It is a famous alcoholic flavourant, like in Whiskey. “Cinnamon Liqueur” is a common Brandy concoction.
  • The oil of Cinnamon is a golden-yellow colour, with the characteristic odour of cinnamon and a very hot aromatic taste. The oil has multiple uses by itself.
  • Sore throat, cleaning agent, teeth cleaner, pain reliever, etc are possible because of the oil’s reactiveness with Oxygen.

Is Cinnamon good for you?
Chia seeds contain Alpha Lipoic Acid which is a powerful antioxidant that helps in minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores, making the skin more radiant.
What does it mean for your body?

  • Digestive Health: This spice helps increase our body’s insulin resistance and triples the insulin’s capacity to metabolize blood sugar thereby allowing the body to resist hunger and sugar cravings, resulting in loss of weight. Also helps break down fats and thus aids digestion.


  • Dermatological Health: Cinnamon is a good way to fix those pimple scars as it brings oxygen and blood to the surface on which it is applied thereby rejuvenating the skin in those areas. Using cinnamon in your daily scrub would serve as a skin cleanser and lifter. Hard skin can be healed using cinnamon as well. Hair growth is enhance-able using cinnamon as well.
  • Other Benefits: It can be used curing cold, Prevents Arthritis, relieves insomnia, regulates proper blood circulation and stimulates the brain. Serves as the perfect natural breath freshener too.

Cinnamon is quite the desire, has been for quite a while, and all things desirous come with a price. Cinnamon toxicity is recorded to be very significantly effective on the human Liver and Kidney. Consumption of cinnamon must always remain in moderation to save the consumer from complications or body threats such as these.
Cinnamon has also been noted for increasing longevity, so you know what you need to avoid in order to leave here as soon as you can.


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