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    • Dates- Kemeo


      Very mushy, soft , dark brownish- black in color , these dates are commonly used dates. Since they are mushy…

    • Dates – Ajwa


      One of the highly powerful dates , Ajwa is best known for its medicinal effects. These are grown basically in…

    • Dates – Irani


      Basically grown in Iran, these semi-dry dates are medium-sized, soft, sweet and dark brown-blackish in color with fine texture. They…

    • Dates-Zahidi


      Kind of buttery flavour,oval shaped, light brown in colour, golden flesh with seed, these dates are mildly sweet in taste.They…

    • Dates – Fardh


      Mildly sweet, brownish black with fine texture, these dates are populary grown in Arabian weather conditions. They are chewy with…

    • Dates-Medjoul


      Known as “King of fruits and the fruit of Kings”, belonging to category of large and fleshy dates. Medjool has…

    • Dates – Sagai


      A liitle crunchy, a litlle soft , unique in texture with wrinkles , Sagai dates are sweet and delicious. Basically…

    • Dates-Algerian


      Commonly known as Barari, Tunisia , these dates are basically from Algeria and Tunisian states of North Africa. These medium…

    • Dates-Seedless Arabian


      Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals. Its also a good source of energy, sugar and fiber.…

    • Dates – Safawi


      Mostly grown in Arabia, these cherry -blackish colored cylindrical dates are soft, chewy and extremely tasty with medium sweetness. These…

    • Dates – Dry Black


      Dried dates are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that can help you regain good health. Dates come under the…

    • Dates – Rabbi


      One of the most selected for taste and flesh, these chewy fleshy dates clinges to the skin. Its juicy with…

    • Dates-Mabroom


      These are long ,slender and dark-brownish in color. Taste wise less sweetish, juicy and chewy dates, mostly grown in Arabia.…

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