Medjool – “ The King of Fruits and the Fruit of Kings
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Medjool – “ The King of Fruits and the Fruit of Kings


It’s not Coconut Tree, It’s a Palm Tree. It’s not a farm, it’s a grove. Growers call it “The labour of love” because this labour takes 7 long years to bear fruit.  But the outcome is truly an Opulence. Popularly known as “King of Fruits and the Fruit of Kings”, Medjool is soft, deep amber coloured, shimery, fleshy and extremely tasty. Comparatively bigger in size and packed with lot of nutrition, Medjool is one healthy date recommended for multiple reasons.

Benefits of Medjool:

A perfect replacement for your hunger pangs and instant energy booster:

If you find yourself hungry in between meals or have been looking for snack to boost your energy levels instantly, then Medjool is one of the healthiest choice. The natural sugar Glucose and Fructose present in Medjool is quickly absorbed by the body and the energy level is seen increasing. It is also used as a pre- workout snack or a supplement for caffeine.


Highly Nutritious and Super food:

Rich is Potassium, Proteins, Copper, Manganese and Iron, Medjool is rich in nutrients and minerals .Potassium reduces the risk of strokes, and also helps in growth of nervous system. High fibre levels is recommended for better digestive health and addresses issues of Constipation. Proteins in Medjool helps in muscular development and weight gain.Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and copper works miracle on bone health. For the ones suffering from deficiency of iron in the body and blood related issues can consume Medjool as it is loaded with Iron.

A perfect replacement for Sugar:

Medjool is a perfect replacement for sugar. One can add this into milk shakes, smoothies, salads, purees, baking purpose and can also be consumed along with breakfast cereals.

What is missing?

Medjool is sodium and cholesterol free. Also this fruit doesn’t undergo any processing before it hits the market. It’s directly fetched from the groves and provided to the masses because it’s rich in all perspectives and doesn’t need any kind of processing. Hence 100% natural, healthy, nutritious and rich



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