Dry Fruits You Should Fall To in this summer
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Dry Fruits You Should Fall To in this summer

The season of outdoor fun – summer – is already here, and it’s time to indulge in some thrilling outdoor activities. While it’s important to spare some time out of your busy schedule for going out for summer fun, it’s equally important to keep yourself hydrated and energized.
Whether Trekking or Swimming, Rafting or letting yourself some time on beachfront for relaxation, you always need to consume something that keeps the energy level up in your body. To maintain the energy level, you need some snacks in your summer diet that you can carry along without the need to handle them – and what better snacks than the delicious dry fruits for summer that you can consume in myriad ways.
With instant accessibility, the dry fruits can be stored either in a bag strapped around the waist or can be mixed with smoothies such as thick mango or grape juice so that you can regularly feed yourself while on the go. Here is a list of six dry fruits encompassing healthy diet, to make your summer healthy and delightful.
1. Prunes

Prunes are a natural source of Vitamin K and rich in fiber. Vitamin K in addition to fiber will help you have a healthy eye and keeps the metabolism system in place while reducing the risks of heart attack. As a good energy-source, prunes can also be consumed prior to a gym workout. The dried plumb consists of 64% Carbohydrates and are often used in the preparations of home-made sweets and dishes as well.
2. Mango

Known as “The king of Fruits” – Mango is, of course, the favorite of all. Who does not like to suck into the juice Mangos! While you can eat pulpy juicy mangoes or dry mangoes to keep your adrenaline rushing, it’s a good idea to turn to dried mangoes as they last longer – typically over a year. Rich in Vitamins including A and E, the king of fruits has adequate amount of antioxidants in it.
3. Apricots

When it comes to holistic dry snack that offers you possibly every nutrient in it, there is perhaps no better dry fruit than Apricots after dates. Rich in Potassium, Iron, Fiber, and Vitamin C and Vitamin A, the delicious power-pack of nutrients alone can keep you energy-packed all day. Apricots help your body repair sunburns in addition of offering a chemical mechanism to keep the complexion healthy and glowing.
4. Raisins

The Raisin can either be used as a surplus to delectable dishes so as to up the taste quotient or can be eaten as is. Not only are they a rich source of Fiber and Potassium, they can be eaten anytime in the year. However, we recommend you to munch on them regularly especially in in this season of ‘sweat’.
5. Figs

A rich source of folic acid, potassium and iron, the figs has lower amount of sugar in them. So, if you are mulling over losing some weight this summer, figs could be a right composition of your healthy diet. While iron aids in preserving the good health of the blood, the antioxidants in figs will keep the heart diseases at bay, thereby keeping you healthy and tension-free.
6. Date Palm

When it comes to dry fruits, dates are the first snack that pops into our mind. If you are someone who falls short of energy immediately after a small workout and after a short sports session, data palms could be an immediate energy-booster for your body. Rich with a wide variety of nutrients including fiber, iron and several types of vitamins, few dates, if eaten in the morning, will keep your energy level in place, thereby regulating the metabolism and digestive system.

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