Can a pregnant woman eat almonds?
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Can a pregnant woman eat almonds?

Go nuts during your pregnancy: Almonds and their health benefits

One of the most important things that can affect the mother and child during pregnancy is the mother’s
diet which directly effect’s the development and health of her baby. The internet can be a treasure trove
filled with do’s and don’ts for expecting mothers but sometimes it’s best to stick to the advice that our
elders gave, which is : eat your nuts!
Nuts are a rich source of important nutrients and fat which is essential for the growth of the fetus. Dry
nuts like cashews, peanuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, almonds etc. are high in protein and fat and
minerals like selenium, potassium, copper etc. and a perfect snack option when a craving hits.
Consumption of dry nuts during pregnancy can help the expecting mother cope with the changing needs
each trimester.

The health benefits of almonds

The most well-known fact about almonds is how well they help with memory. Packed with the goodness
of minerals like zinc, magnesium, vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids, almonds can do wonders for a
pregnant woman’s health. But what is important to remember is that almonds must be soaked
overnight and consumed for the body absorbs all the essential nutrients. Soaking almonds not only
makes it easy to chew but also easier to digest which is great for the sluggish digestive system of an
expecting woman. Hence consuming this nut helps in regular bowel movement, keeping constipation
(which is common during pregnancy) at bay because of the fiber and magnesium contained in it.
Almonds help in the proper development of the unborn child’s neurological system and brain by being a
great source of folic acid. Vitamin B9/ folate is critical for the child as it protects the baby from neural
tube defects during the prenatal stage of growth and almonds act as a superhero by providing just that.
Intake of protein during pregnancy is beneficial to both the mother and the child as it helps in the
gaining strength and stamina for the oncoming motherhood and delivery and development of muscle
mass of the fetus. Almonds are a rich source of protein and have the above mentioned benefits along
with helping maintain a healthy birth weight of the baby because of the manganese it contains.
Making sure the unborn baby has healthy skin and hair is made easy by consuming almonds as it
contains Vitamin E, which also keeps the mother’s skin glowing.
Pre-eclampsia and hypertension is common in pregnant women and almonds can help by reducing the
risk of it as well as providing calcium to ensure that the baby comes out with strong bones and develops
strong teeth.
Cognitive development of the unborn child can be affected by various factors and hence consuming a
diet with almonds can ensure good cognitive development because of the Riboflavin present in it.
Perfect pregnancy snack
Craving for something salty or sweet or something completely over the top is common during pregnancy
and often unhealthy food filled with fat and sugar is what we reach for first. A simple trail mix of your
favorite nuts can be made at home and even carried around in small Ziploc bags so that it can be
snacked on whenever the craving strikes. Mix together (soaked overnight) almonds, walnuts, cashews
and other nuts you like and come up with your own personal spin on it by adding anything from raisins
to flak seeds and reach for them whenever you feel peckish.
Don’t listen to the ‘nutty’ myth
Though the myth that consuming dry nuts during pregnancy can cause food allergies in the unborn baby
still exists, there is conformed evidence regarding it. Evidences of healthy childbirths and pregnancy
even after consuming nuts has existed since forever. Hence if one is not allergic to nuts, go ahead and
add almonds into your diet for a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby.
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