Is Black Cardamom good for you?
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Is Black Cardamom good for you?

The origin of the product:
Pods of distinct flavour outburst, the cardamom is a spicy mystery and it comes in 3 shades – Green, Black and White.  Black cardamom is called the hill cardamom.
These seeds are native to India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Nepal, and Pakistan.  Indian cardamom cultivation was introduced in Guatemala by a German Coffee plantation expert making Guatemala the leading producer of cardamom currently. Nepal was previously the world’s largest producer of large cardamom.
Black Cardamom:
This spice is quite a favourite in the culinary world, especially the meat department, popular in Nordic and Middle Eastern countries, apart from its homelands. Hot hearty meat stews and similar dishes across the world desire its smoky, strong camphor-like flavour.

  • This highly carcinogenic spice is a heavy cancer fighter killing nasty cancerous cells by boosting the production of metabolic isozymes having strong antioxidant properties making its consumption very effective in treating colon cancer.
  • Bad breath, big date and no time for breath mint? No worries, pop a cardamom pod and watch it work wonders all through the night.
  • Cardamom works well in the cosmetic department, helping hair and skin in ways that we can’t naturally comprehend. These oils are famously used in aromatherapy.

Is Black Cardamom good for you?
The anti-oxidative power of Black cardamom is the biggest highlight.
What does it mean for your body?

  • Digestive Health: Black cardamom powder and even oil can bolster our digestion and give us relief from flatulence and are hence used to make Digestive Tonics. The strong aroma of Black cardamom is very helpful in curing bad breath or halitosis and gives us a cleaner mouth. This spice is considered one of the best natural remedies for dyspepsia. By curing the body heart burn and stomach cramps, this spice helps us fight gastro intestinal symptoms while keeping the acid levels in the stomach at a balance.
  • Dermatological Health: This spice contains chemicals that help the skin fight aging issues. Cardamom oil is a good wrinkle lifter. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and the essential mineral potassium, this spice gives us a glow that usually downgrades with the years that pass. A regular consumer is likely to have firm, toned and youthful skin.
  • Respiratory Health: This spice is a body warmer, perfect for the cold seasons and helping our bodies fight low temperatures. Also, the oils can be inhaled using a steamer to help our lungs against issues like congestions, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis and many more issues.
  • Other Benefits: If you’re finally ready to detox, here’s a tasty way to get through the rough patch. Cardamom helps the body detox. This spice can also be used as an anaesthetic or pain relieving sedative. Using Black Cardamom, we can enhance our body’s over all immunity considering its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

As nice as it may seem, this Queen of Spices may not always nice to a select few. Unfortunately, some people could be allergic to this pop and all its warmth. If you do experience irritation upon consuming cardamom, exercise omitting the spice. You can be sure to find an alternative, the world of spices is vast and most of it remains unexplored.
Also, this spice could give rise to gallstones.
Remember that cardamom interferes with other drugs so, a patient must take care to avoid cardamom consumption while under the influence of certain drugs.

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